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I am currently participating in two group art exhibitions:

  • “Rhizome” from 12 July – 27 August at the Latuvu Gallery In Bages, France
  • “Day Dreaming from 9 July – 3 September 2023 at the Gallery@Glen Carlou, Klapmuts, Western Cape.


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<a href=” dreaming/”>&gt;&gt; Click here to view the artworks</a>

Finding water – edg2020 Gallery, July/August 2020

Artist statement for Finding water:

“Yes, you are in this water, and the water is in you” – Credo Mutwa

Does humankind see itself as part of nature or as separate, perhaps even superior to nature?  Having worked in the environmental field for over 30 years, this question frequently occupies my thoughts.  The consequences of a relationship based on dominion over nature are evident all around us. Exploring the connectedness between humankind and nature is central to my artistic practice.  In this body of work I explore connections between water and weather. Water flows and moves from the oceans, to the sky, to rivers and to the ground – all of which happens through natural processes. Although these processes can be explained scientifically – to me they are pure magic. Our bodies are made up of mostly water – an absolute manifestation of our connection to nature. Finding water can be seen as a metaphor for finding within ourselves the deep-seated need for connection to nature and for the reintegration of humanity into the community of life.    

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