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Day dreaming


Exploring the connections within the natural world and between humankind and nature is central to my artistic practice. Nature’s rhythms and patterns are all around us.  I am fascinated by nature’s ability to adapt and change.  The interactions and connection within natural systems are a source of constant fascination.  Spending time in nature, sitting quietly watching and waiting to see what will happen next.  And all the time – thinking…..thinking about how everything is connected.  Some may say – daydreaming.

My use of an abstract language of expression reflects the reality that in nature there remains much that is unknown and that cannot be explained purely on scientific grounds.  There is wonder and magic.  This body of work is an expression of the many thoughts that cross my mind – random and not.  For me there is a fundamental truth – the community of life of which we are part is truly wondrous.

White bird
Wild water
Memories of a distant past
Blue dance
Quiet moment
Emerging in spring
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